Social Distancezine Vol. I

Social Distancezine front and back cover animation

Client Self-initiated
Services Illustration, Publication Design
Year 2020

A collaboration between 43 artists

Social Distancezine with a neon pothos plant


$25 (includes shipping within the US)

80-page zine containing the work of 43 artists, spanning 4 countries and 5 states.

$5 from each purchase will be donated to Direct Relief, a non-profit organization active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, currently dedicated to Coronavirus outbreak response and disaster relief. The rest will cover printing and shipping costs as each artist received a printed copy for their contribution.

The zine is printed with FSC-approved paper and packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable materials.

Currently shipping within the US only. Price includes shipping within the US.

I’m also offering B-Grade copies of the zine with minor scratches, creases, or ink smudges for $15. Buy a B-Grade copy

You can flip through a digital copy of the zine (it may take a bit to load) and learn more about the process below.

Quaranzine Call for Submissions

Quaranzine call for submissions posted on Instagram

Social Distancezine cover
Social Distancezine first spread
  • Social Distancezine Spread – Tammie Valer
  • Social Distancezine Spread – Beth Thomas and Ayisha Shaikh
  • Social Distancezine Spread – ArcanePath and Alicia Blue
  • Social Distancezine Spread – Tess O'Connor and Jess Jaime
  • Social Distancezine Spread – Tiffany Leah Chung
  • Social Distancezine Spread – Jess Jones and Chanel Samson
  • Social Distancezine Spread – Julia Angelopoulos
  • Social Distancezine Spread – Antoinette Wysocki and Nellie Veitenheimer
  • Social Distancezine Spread – Liz Wiegard and Danielle Lande


Abby Litman
Alicia Blue
Anna Azarov
Antoinette Wysocki
Arcane Path
Ayisha Shaikh
Beth Thomas
Brenda Carsey
Chanel Samson
Christofer Camargo
Christopher del Rosario
Danielle Lande
Erin Jones
Erin Jordan and Charlie Gilliam
Genna Projansky
Jacob Zuko
Jess Jaime
Jess Jones
Jonny Cifuentes
Julia Angelopoulos
Kelsey Boncato
Kyle Marie Colucci
Lauren Lakis

Lauren Ruth Ward
Lariab Ahmad
Leon McConnell
Liz Wiegard
Lyra Star
Mariam Ayman
Michael Rababy
Natasha Wu
Nicole Kiki Jaffe
Sam Greenspan
Syeda Ayesha
Tammie Valer
Tess O’Connor
Tiffanie Tran
Tiffany Chung
Tim Ho

Special Thanks

Nellie Veitenheimer
Tim Ho
Tiffanie Tran
Yuri Ogita

Social Distancezine covers