Times Up CRITICAL website homepage

Client TIME’S UP
Services UX Design & Frontend Development
Year 2019

Project Director Mara Grobins Nasatir, TIMES UP Director of Initiatives, Entertainment Industry

Backend Developer Sabrina Williams, Champion of CRITICAL

Frontend Developer Tatiana Sutherland

Times Up CRITICAL user flows

In the initial phase of the project, we realized we needed to create user flows for two distinct target audiences: Critics and Publicists. Each group would need to access different parts of the site.

Times Up CRITICAL critic form wireframes

Critic form wireframes

Times Up CRITICAL publicist form wireframes

Publicist form and profile wireframes

Times Up CRITICAL database wireframes

The database filters feature text searches and checkboxes depending on the data.

Times Up CRITICAL database wireframes

Left A panel slides out to display all the filter options. Right The information for each critic can be viewed via an accordion-style information card.

Times Up CRITICAL website homepage

Website homepage

Times Up CRITICAL website sign in form

Sign In and Create a Profile page